About Us

Hello! My name is John,

I’ve always enjoyed solving difficult puzzles and enjoying online games, and I’ve gotten together with a group of people and families to share our passion.

We adore Little Alchemy, Little Alchemy 2, and a slew of other similar games just as much as you do. We adore them so much that we’ve probably spent much too much time playing them (don’t tell our parents or spouses…:P).

As a result, we decided to develop this website to share what we’ve learned with you (and to make us all feel alot better about ourselves). The Little Alchemy Series is where we’ve started. Each object or thing we create is a series of steps derived from the four basic ingredients with which we begin. This manner, anyone interested in making that thing has a one-stop shop to do so without having to click many pages (unless you really want to). If you want to get into even more detail, for example, if you’re new or sharing this with a buddy who’s just starting off, we provide the detail after the list.

We are ecstatic to be able to share this with you, and if you share our enthusiasm and would like to contribute, please let us know.

Please feel free to forward this site to your friends and family so that we may all have fun!