How to make Metal in Little Alchemy

We hope you’re having a good time with Little Alchemy. Metal is relatively simple to make in Little Alchemy, as it only takes a few steps to get started with the fundamental four components. Because we believe in starting from scratch, we’ve included all of the processes for making metal in Little Alchemy.

How to Make Metal from Scratch in Little Alchemy

Lava is made up of two elements: earth and fire.
Stone is made out of lava and air.
Metal is the result of combining fire and stone.

We’ve already covered the first two steps in another post, so we won’t go over them again here.

Please see the inline links for Step 1 (How to Make Lava in Little Alchemy) and Step 2 (How to Make Lava in Little Alchemy) (How to make Stone in Little Alchemy).

Assuming you manufactured Stone successfully, we’ll go on to the next phase in the process of making Metal.

How to make Metal in Little Alchemy

Assuming you are already in the game:

Step 1: From the Elements menu, drag FIRE onto the playing board.

Step 2 – From the Elements panel, select STONE and drop it on the FIRE that you already placed on the playing board in step 1.

Congratulations. In Little Alchemy, you’ve successfully created Metal!

We hope you’re enjoying yourself while studying and playing the game.

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